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Scramby scrambles your voice, making you sound different

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Scramby scrambles your voice, making you sound like different characters.
This distorted voice can be send out through an IP telephone, Instant Messengers or online games.

You can use any of the three pre-selected voices, but you can change them all going to the options menu. You will be able there to test the 26 characters available, set the ones you like, add more characters or delete them.

You can also add special effects to your voice, like Crowd Laughing, Bug, Ooh la la, Burp, Gong, Stupid Laughter, Space Communicator, Foghorn, Um I dunno, Bazooka or I´ll Be Back. There are more available at Options.

You can also add background noises to your voice (Club, Ocean Harbor or Farm), and you can set different intensities for your background. You´ll have more background sounds in the Options menu.

The program also has a "Record" button that will allow you to make a recording through the microphone, with the distortion effects and background you selected. Then, after pressing the "Recording" button, you will be able to save the recording in WAV format.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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